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Those Who Don't Believe in Magic Will Never Find It.
—Roald Dahl


Hi, I'm Barb Angelo.

After over fifteen rewarding, exhilarating years in private practice, I’ve decided to shift my main focus to teaching.

Since 2007, I've worked with over a thousand clients, from ages 8 to 80.

I'm a member of three well regarded hypnosis organizations, and a Certified Instructor with two of them.

I've learned from some of the best in the field of hypnosis and spiritual therapy.

The late, great N.Y Times best-selling author, Dick Sutphen.

The kind and generous Henry Bolduc.

The dynamic and always entertaining David Quigley.


I've also trained with world renowned past life authority Dr. Brian Weiss.

Dr. Weiss wrote the ground breaking book, Many Lives, Many Masters and changed the way the world views past lives and how they can influence our present beliefs and overall well-being 

Although I’ve been holding classes and trainings for many years, it’s now time to step up and fully embrace my legacy.


And that legacy is the sharing of ideas, concepts and techniques and passing down the hard earned lessons and valuable insights I’ve learned as a professional hypnotist.


I love to teach.


I love watching students have their AHA! moments of clarity as they discover more of their own inner mind and imagination.


I love seeing how, by the weeks end, their confidence has bloomed and they’re excited to begin their own adventures in the healing art of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.


And quite honestly, I believe my legacy is also bringing the right people together. 


In every single class there is something powerful that is felt and acknowledged.


And in that time and space magic can abound. Strictly online training may be convenient, but it can't take the place of real humans interacting.


Conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. Sharing a snack at break time. Witnessing live demonstrations and practicing methods in a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere.


That's just some of what makes my classes so inspiring and why students come back for more. 


So, let me ask you this—


What’s your legacy?


Or better yet—what would you like your legacy to be?


Helping others in your own special way?

Expressing your creativity?

Living a purposeful life of service that’s filled with adventure?


Let’s face it—becoming a Certified Hypnotist or Past Life Specialist might not seem like a typical calling.


Because it's not.


It's for the ones who march to a different drummer, who are the non-traditionalists, who follow their curiosity

–and their hearts.


The old misconceptions of what hypnosis is and what it does are rapidly changing as more doctors, scientists and researchers are promoting the positive effects and natural wonders of hypnotherapy.


I believe that this type of work is unique, powerful and very, very much needed in the world right now.


I've said it before, but it bears repeating—

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression transforms lives.


And, that’s not an overstatement.


These trainings aren’t for everyone.

But, you don’t have to be totally ready either.


Meaning you don’t need a plan, an office or even an idea of what you’re going to do with your training.


A lot of my students take the courses because they have a strong interest, and a fascination with the material.


Some are therapists, coaches or counselors who want to offer hypnotherapy to their existing patients and grow their practices.


And still others are looking for a new career in an up and coming field, where they can create a niche market that gives them flexibility and a chance to be their own boss.


What they all have in common is this—

They want to be a part of a community that loves learning, and connect with other spiritually minded souls.


My mission is to provide information and support in a comfortable, joyful, space for those who are truly ready.


I teach the way I live.

Simply and purposefully.


My classes are small and intimate by design.

I want to make sure that each student feels heard and knows that they matter.


You cannot register online. I don’t advertise to the general public.


My goal is not to fill the seats with anybody who shells out some money and shows up. 


My desire is to teach what I so passionately believe in, and to pass that on to a new generation of caring practitioners.

If you feel a deep pull towards this special kind of work, and your heart and higher self are saying “Yes!” please look over the information regarding trainings before contacting me via email.


We’ll then set up a time to talk.

I'll answer your questions, and reserve your spot if you decide to join us.


I'm  looking forward to it.

Barb Angelo
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