Meet Barb Angelo

Those Who Don't Believe in Magic Will Never Find It.
—Roald Dahl


Have you ever felt like the weird kid who was different from others? 

Who, as an an adult, still didn’t feel like they fit in with the “normal” world?

That was me. 


Today, I’m a person who proudly:


  • Prefers my own company to just about anyone else’s. 

  • Seeks out the good in people and situations.

  • Sees spirits transposed over peoples' faces.

  • Realizes that being an empath is a superpower.

  • Believes that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

  • Continues to be amazed at the power of the mind.

  • Recognizes the world as a place of love and possibilities.

  • Communicates with highly evolved beings of wisdom.

  • Takes inspiration by other people’s successes.

  • Yet remains a spiritual skeptic—if there is such a thing?


I’m also a person who believes in magic—and miracles.


Have I always been this person?


Hell, no.


I came out of the womb anxious.

My mother often told me I was a colicky and cranky baby, probably because I was so anxious. 


As a kid, I was afraid of dark places and most other kids—

at least the loud ones who wouldn’t sit still, or bullied and hit each other.

Why were they acting that way? 


I preferred to spend my days coloring, catching frogs and caterpillars, or laying on the grass looking at the animals and faces I saw in the clouds as they drifted across the sky. 


I daydreamed about being magical. I imagined I could fly and appear or disappear whenever and wherever I wanted.

Even then, I wanted to help people. I wanted to show them how to be magical, too.

Getting lost in my mind let me escape into my own world.


Hypnosis for My Soul 


I found a solid, reliable source that allowed me to soothe my fears yet still enter that world of imagination and creativity.


What was it?

A rocking chair. Yep. A simple, ordinary wooden rocker. 

If I was outside, it was a swing.


The back and forth motion lulled me into a sense of well being. I traveled to a different place in that rocker.

I didn't even know where that was. It just felt natural, secure and happy.


I realize now that even back then, I was hypnotizing myself.

I knew instinctively how to transition into a deep, meditative state. 

It helped me manage my anxiety during the day. But I couldn’t spend my life in a rocking chair.


Nighttime was the worst.


I’d huddle with my army of rag-tag stuffed animals, stained with tears and kid sweat.

I saw shadows and heard noises. I sensed things in my room, even if I couldn’t see them.


I imagined horrific scenarios of thieves and marauders breaking into our home then harming me and my family.


I prayed nightly for an army of protectors, who would keep us all safe so we could sleep peacefully.

After all, the stuffed animals could only do so much.


I never shared my fears with anyone.

Discovering My Intuition


Through all of my worries, I also had a very strong sense of intuition.

I didn’t know what to call it then. Sometimes I just knew when something was going to happen, and could even picture it in my mind’s eye.


I was drawn towards certain people and situations—and repelled by others.


 As I got older, my intuition and clairvoyance (clear seeing) increased. And so did my fears. 


When I followed those “hunches” and visions, things turned out quite well–as if they were meant to happen.

During these times, I felt powerful and real—almost otherworldly!

It felt like magic.


When I ignored or allowed myself to become overwhelmed by outside influences, that's when the shit often hit the fan.


Not only could I tune into other people’s good feelings and moods, but also could absorb the negativity and heightened emotions that swirled around me, especially in large, crowded places.


I learned to accept who I was: a sensitive, scaredy-cat who felt that she was somehow all wrong.


Little did I know that my being an empath would turn out to be a gift, not a burden. 


In my twenties, I tucked away my intuition and brought it out only on special occasions.


I didn’t share it or discuss it with anyone, because it only made me feel more weird and different than others. And, I so wanted to fit in. 


Don’t we all at that age—or any age for that matter?


I did discover that when I enjoyed a few drinks with friends, I would bypass my analytical mind, and blurt things out such things as:


“My father’s going to have a heart attack,”  


“I’m going to marry a man who’s divorced and has a child.”


At first, my friends seemed shocked by my pronouncements. They usually dismissed them, blaming them on the alcohol induced buzz.


A few years later, when my father was in the throws of a massive heart attack, I remembered my prediction and thought, WTF?

His Near Death Experience greatly influenced the rest of his life.


Then at age 35, I married a divorced man named Bob, and helped his son Danny. 

Again, WTF?


Is This All There Is?


Like a lot of other people, I started taking medication in my thirties to help with my anxiety and depression.

I wasn’t some basket case who couldn’t function or suffered from delusions.


I was a productive, loving wife with lots of friends.

I had a good life—on the outside. On the inside, my thoughts, feelings and emotions sometimes overwhelmed me.


I felt that my life was somehow passing me by, that I was meant for something greater than just my job, housekeeping, errands and relationships.

But, what was it?


I started to read. My local library (thank you, Mount Laurel Township) offered a small, but impressive selection of books on mediumship, psychic abilities, soul travels, and earthbound spirits.

I was fascinated and felt a wishful kinship with the people who wrote these books and told their stories.


I began to understand more about psychic phenomena and the gift of intuition.

 I realized that my latent, misunderstood talents could be developed into useful, healing abilities.

The best part was learning that these unusual people were helping others. 

Maybe, I could too?


Thank You, Dr. Brian Weiss


One day at the library, I found a book on past life regression.


I brought home Dr. Brian Weiss’s groundbreaking book, "Many Lives, Many Masters,"and devoured it in one evening.


I was transfixed by the story of Catherine, a psychiatric patient suffering from a variety of maladies from anxiety to claustrophobia, who, while under hypnosis, recalled her many past lives. 


At first, Dr. Weiss was highly skeptical. He only used hypnosis in last ditch efforts to uncover childhood traumas that might be connected to present day fears. The words and stories coming out of Catherines' mouth were extraordinary, to say the least.


Over their many months, Dr. Weiss watched his patient improve with hypnotherapy.

Each week, as he guided her to a state of deep relaxation, she described her experiences in shocking detail, including how she died, and what she learned from each of these lifetimes.


Some deaths were quite traumatic, such as being thrown from a cliff as a human sacrifice.

Amazingly after that session, her fear of heights and water diminished.

Instead of being upset over these past life encounters, Catherine was getting better.


I gave the book to my husband who was also intrigued.

We both wanted to know more.


For the next year or so, I tried to uncover my own past lives.

Thinking that all hypnotists understood past life regression techniques, I booked a session.


Nothing happened.

 I listened to cd’s, read whatever books I could find, and tried relaxing and visualizing on my own.


Again, nothing.

Eventually, I gave up and put my efforts aside.


In the spring of 2007 I was working an outside sales job that I loathed.

I needed to discover my greater “purpose”—whatever that was. 


So—This Is Hypnosis!

One day, for whatever reasons, I Googled "hypnosis" and "training". 


Lo and behold, I found a certification class starting the following week in Pennsylvania. It would require a two hour car ride every Wednesday night for many months.


I visited the instructor and experienced a formal hypnosis session for the first time. To me, it felt a whole lot like what I had been doing since I was a kid in my rocking chair.


I signed up for the class on the spot.

It remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


In class we discussed the importance of the everyday thoughts and words we tell ourselves—how the power of suggestion can affect our minds, bodies and overall well-being.


We learned various hypnosis techniques and how to address the subconscious mind.

We watched demonstrations and practiced on each other.


At home, I studied and practiced self hypnosis. 

I focused on positive words and goals, while counting down and relaxing my body.

I listened to soaring celestial music ( thank you Stephen Halpern) while I meditated.


To me, meditation was just another form of relaxation.

I didn’t really know what was supposed to happen in meditation, it just felt good.

Most of the time, I would close my eyes and get lost in the music.

Thirty minutes later I'd open my eyes and feel refreshed.

Other times, I would drift off somewhere. An hour later, I'd come back to the room.

I’d open my eyes, feeling a little confused. I knew that I hadn’t fallen asleep, I just went somewhere.

But, where?


One day, as I entered a deep state of hypnosis, I began to see in my inner eye the scenes that would change the rest my life.

On my own, with no one else's assistance, I was witnessing my past lives.


After experiencing my own past lives, then connecting the people and beliefs from those lives to the one I’m living now, I knew this was my calling—or at the very least, a big part of it.


I wanted to show people how past life regression had helped me.

I wanted them to experience the same “Aha!” moments that I had.

I also knew I still had a lot to learn.

Getting Started


I opened my first hypnosis practice and started seeing clients for smoking cessation, stress management and weight loss.


I didn’t find the issues challenging, but I liked the people I met, and it felt good to watch them change their lives for the better.


Over the years, I joined several professional hypnosis organizations and attended conferences to learn more about the power of hypnotic suggestions. I began to understand the concepts of creating change and manifesting.

I studied past lives, soul coaching and life between lives.


A reporter from a Philadelphia newspaper contacted me about a story he was writing. He had an

amazing past life experience while visiting Gettysburg in his teens, and he had always wanted to investigate it further.


On the day the article appeared in a local magazine, with my picture and highlights from my work, the emails and phone calls poured in from people wanting to know more about their past lives.

My practice blossomed, and I developed even more skills.


More Than a Spiritual Awakening 


One summer night in 2009, I returned home early from a party and had the most mind-blowing and transformational experience of my life.

It lasted three hours!

At first, I had no idea what was happening—and more importantly—why it was happening to me.

After all, I wasn't anyone special—was I?


Yet, I found my experience to be comforting revelation. In the throws of the actual awakening, my mind was saying, "I've been waiting for this my whole life!"


The young girl who was afraid of the dark had now evolved into a channel capable of communicating with spirit guides, angels and other divine beings.


whole new world of possibilities opened up for me.

In 2010, I met and trained with my personal hero, Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck , NY.

He was funnier and more kind than I could have imagined.

He shared his expertise and kept the class in stitches with his wit, wisdom and stories.

Even though I had already been conducting successful PLR sessions on my own, it was wonderful to watch the master at work and to be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals from all over the world.


I also worked with the late, great Dick Sutphen who helped me validate my incredible channeling experiences and figure out who I really was—and what I’m here to do.


I became a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists ( NGH ) and the International Hypnosis Federation. I added more initials after my name as a  Board Certified Hypnotist with the International Association for Counselors and Therapists. ( IACT )


I’ve now been training hypnotists and past life therapists for well over a decade.

Teaching is something I not only love, but is an important part of my path and purpose.

My classes are fun, they're informative, and the vibration from the all the positive energy gets high enough to raise the roof!

I'm amazed at how students of all ages and backgrounds bond and grow in such a short period of time.


And yes, it's spectacularly gratifying to know that what they experience and learn will help others transform their own lives.

It gives me hope for the future of our world.

So now, here I am-

Doing work that is life-changing.

Teaching and sharing it with those who are ready.

Living my truth and enjoying my life—finally minus the rocking chair.


I hope my story has inspired you in some way.

And, I hope that even if we never meet, you'll continue to search for your own truth and wisdom.


Because knowledge is a wonderful thing.



Barb Angelo