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Past Life Regression Therapy 


PLRT can be extremely valuable when looking to uncover the root cause of an issue or belief that’s effecting the present life, especially when it’s described as a “block” that’s keeping the person from moving forward in some way.


PLRT is also a profound healing technique for chronic unexplained pain, fears, and phobias.


For PLRT to be effective, the client doesn’t need to be spiritual, religious, or even believe in reincarnation or past lives.


They just need to be open minded, curious, be willing and able to follow instructions and accept the information that their own subconscious and higher minds give them so they can heal.


There are many clients who come to me specifically for PLRT because of the positive benefits and my experience, background and training.

See Past Life Therapy 


What Happens After the Third Session?


That’s completely up to you. If we’ve already established that the issue needs more sessions and time, we’ll obviously continue.


Some people like to come in for a “tune-up” every once in a while for ongoing reinforcement.


Sometimes other issues come up, or the person is ready to explore development in other areas of their lives, such as PLRT or Life Between Lives.


Many clients have three sessions and are good to go. 

Which is a really great thing.

All Integrative Healing Hypnotherapy ( IHH ) begins with a minimum of 3 sessions, and depending on the issue or changes desired, may take up to 12 sessions.


Why is that?

IHH is an interactive therapy that works in stages and steps.


Which means that although you may feel better after just one session,

( and, yes, most people feel pretty good afterwards! ) to get to the root cause of any issue and resolve it, takes some time.


Unlike talk therapy, though, hypnotherapy isn’t an ongoing, open-ended process.


The goal is for you to experience and learn the benefits of a focused, trance state so you can use it for yourself, on your own.


All Hypnosis is Self- Hypnosis


That’s right. You are your own healer.


A hypnotist is not a magician or miracle worker who is doing things to you.


A hypnotist is a trained professional who guides you to focused state of relaxation and awareness, and makes positive suggestions while communicating with your subconscious and higher self through the power of words and your imagination.


Your mind, body and spirit are doing the rest.


Which is why it’s important for the client to know what’s expected of them as far as participation and effort.


What to Expect


At your initial session, we’ll first get to know each other, and you’ll then experience the first stage of hypnotherapy.


We’ll go over your intake form. I’ll ask questions and take notes.


I want to know more about your thoughts, beliefs and history regarding your issue or goal, as well as the desired outcome.


I’ll explain further how I approach each session and answer any of your questions.


You’ll then get comfortable in a chair, bed or sofa, if you’re in your own home. 

( If you’re seeing me in person, you’ll be reclining in my own comfortable office chair. )


As you follow my simple and clear instructions, you’ll close your eyes, and begin to experience a pleasant state of focused relaxation.


It’s in that dreamy state of mind where the helpful ideas we discussed are being dropped and planted like little seeds of light.


Afterwards, when you open your eyes, we’ll discuss any observations, sensations or feelings you experienced during the session.

I'll also give you 


Was I Really Hypnotized?


One of the misconceptions of hypnosis is that people are asleep. After all, the Greek word “hypno” actually means “sleep.”


The truth is, there are different stages of hypnosis, just as there are different stages of sleep.


And hypnosis–like sleep–is a completely natural state of being.


Most people can easily experience a light trance state, which may feel the same as watching a really good movie, reading an engrossing book, or what’s called “highway hypnosis”.

That’s when you’re driving a familiar route, lost in your thoughts, and you find yourself arriving at your destiny, without being consciously aware of all of the steps you took to get there. 


In a little deeper state, you’ll feel a bit dreamy.


You’ll be aware of where you are, but the world around you will fade into the background, as you focus on what’s going on in your mind and imagination.

You may notice images, memories or colors in your mind’s eye.


Your body may feel heavy, or light in some places. You may have a tingling in your fingers. 


Some people will remember everything they felt and observed very vividly.


Others won’t remember too much, only that when they open their eyes, and become more alert, they feel rested, relaxed and very good!


However you experience hypnosis is unique and perfect for you.


You’ll only need to be in a light state of hypnosis for the benefits of positive suggestions to take effect.


Most people are able to achieve this in the first session. If not, practicing hypnosis on your own, can help you “strengthen the relaxation muscle”.


For issues such as pain management, medical or dental work, there may be a deeper state of focused relaxation required.


What Happens in Follow up Sessions?


Each session is tailored to you and your needs.


In the follow ups, we’ll discuss the time spent in between our visits, the positive changes that are occurring, and anything that needs to be addressed or tweaked.


If necessary, I’ll give helpful suggestions for what actions can be taken

( such as meditation, journaling, self-reflection, etc.) to expand on your growth and overall well-being. 


When we go into hypnosis, it may be with a slightly different set of suggestions, or we’ll continue with more of the same, to reinforce the positive behavior and feelings.


Any techniques I feel would be helpful, I’ll recommend, although it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’d like to get the most from your sessions and time with me.