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Are you ready for Past Life Therapy?

A past life regression ( PLR ) can be a deeply emotional, profound experience.


Going back to memories of the soul can help you release blocks and long-held trauma, so you can move forward in this life.


As spiritually awakening as a PLR can be, though, it’s not for everyone.

How do you know if the time is right for you to explore your past lives?


Here are some things to honestly consider-


You’re Spiritually Mature.


No, I don’t mean you’re some perfect, spiritual specimen who meditates for hours on end, never gets angry and has all of their sh*t worked out. ( Because really then, why would you need a past life regression anyway?)


 You strive to be emotionally stable, self-reliant and aware. You don’t want to depend on others for self-worth, or blame others for your life circumstances.


You are genuinely interested in finding out the who, why, where and what about yourself so you can grow and evolve.


You want something better for yourself and the world you live in. 

You’re ready to explore your true self, in all of it’s glory and messiness.


You’re Willing to Do the Work


A past life regression can be eye-opening, to say the least. 

It’s like being given pieces to a giant puzzle. And that puzzle is your soul.


As a PLR Therapist, I’m there to help you navigate through past lives, and ask the important questions to bring about understanding and healing. 


However, it’s ultimately up to you to follow through with that information, and continue the process of understanding and healing on a day to day basis.


You’re Prepared to Let Go.


It’s not unusual for clients to be nervous when they come to my office. 


For some, it’s been a long time dream to explore their past lives, and for

others, it’s something they’ve only read or heard about third person.


Let’s face it, the unknown can be a little scary.


And your higher consciousness can feel like it’s part of the unknown—a road less traveled.

We walk around in a constant state of conscious and analytical thinking, worrying, and trying to control every aspect of our lives. 


When you’re quiet and still—and you let go of the ego mind and allow it to step aside— you can access the past life memories and higher wisdom that is there for you.


You need to be able to trust in yourself and let go of controlling the outcome.


You may witness trauma, loss, and heartache from other lives. You may also remember joy, happiness and love liked you’ve never felt before.



You’re Ready to Face Your Fears.

If you do have real fear of what you might find, then ask yourself what is it that you’re really afraid of?


Is it reliving negative experiences?

Finding out that you did something to cause pain in others or yourself?

Knowing the truth about who you are and where you’ve been?


It’s important to let the subconscious go where it needs to go.

If there was trauma in a life, then acknowledging that trauma is where the healing begins. Releasing that trauma may take several sessions, and continued healing on your part.


Although your cells may have memory of physical pain, you won’t relive that pain, only “remember” it.


You Understand there are No Guarantees.


I’m a professional hypnotist, with years of training and experience, but no amount of training or skill can force an experience to happen.


Past Life Regression isn’t a magic cure, and the therapist isn’t a magician.


This is an interactive experience, with both of us having jobs to do.


It’s your job to follow my directions, set aside your analytical thinking  

(if only for a while ) and trust in your subconscious.

The more you can be open and curious, the easier it is to let go.


My job is to first guide you to a relaxed state, then help you safely navigate your subconscious and higher mind to connect with past experiences. 


I'll ask questions to get more information, but try my best not to lead or figure things out for you.


I'll prompt you to move forward as necessary and help you to release and resolve issues.

We’ll discuss the session afterwards, and I’ll answer any questions you may have as best I can.

Afterwards, you’ll continue the healing and growth process. 


I’ve successfully regressed over a thousand people over the years, and although I try my best to be as honest as I can about expectations and results, once in a while someone who isn’t quite ready comes to me looking for answers.


Maybe they seemed perfectly capable but weren’t able ( or willing ) to follow my instructions, or they wouldn’t let their pesky egos step aside.

They were too fearful, or didn't allow their subconscious mind to do the work for them.

Afterwards, maybe they questioned or doubted the information that came through.


How do you know if you’re not ready?


The 3 most common reasons people don't experience a Past Life Regression


1) You're expecting the session to happen in a certain way.


Maybe you’ve read books or have talked to other people about their experiences and assume it will be the same for you.

Every person is unique in the way they connect with their subconscious and higher mind.


Some people are very visual ( about 20% ) some are partially visual ( about 50% ) and some are not very visual at all ( about 30% )


The ones who are not as visual will experience a PLR kinesthetically—feeling it in their body, or through clairsentience, which is clear feeling, or knowing. 

Meaning they will feel the emotions, know what’s happening around them,  and understand what they need to heal and resolve.


I personally fall into this category. 

When I was first learning, it was frustrating to try and see clearly what was happening, and having fuzzy or unclear images come and go.

It wasn’t until I finally gave up on seeing and tuned into what my higher self was telling me—in words, phrases, or just suddenly knowing, that I was able to receive the information I needed about that particular lifetime. 


2) You Have Unrealistic Expectations. 


If you expect years of patterns, pain, habits and beliefs to disappear or magically change in on for two sessions, then let me be quite clear—you're gonna be disappointed.


Past Life Therapy is like any other kind of therapy. It’s a process that takes time and effort. 

Yes, I’ve seen amazing things happen in one session. Migraines disappear. Relationships are understood and healed. Grief and anxiety dissipates.

It may take several sessions and a continued development of higher wisdom for deeper healing and understanding to take place.

Some people will get a glimpse in their first session, and as they continue the process, memories become more clear.


3) It’s Not the Right Time.


This happens very infrequently, but is has happened, and there’s no sense in arguing, or trying to force it.

Your soul-self, guide or angel may communicate to you while in a trance state that you’re not yet ready for this experience.


Your subconscious mind may block you as well, as a way of protection. 

It could be due to past trauma, or information about a relationship, career, or life choice that you don’t need to know just yet. 

I honestly believe that we all receive what’s best for us at the time.


Trust in and accept whatever experience you're given.


It doesn't mean that it won't ever happen, so don't give up.


It only means that you're not quite ready.

At least, not yet.

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