Soul Guidance 
Hello from Barb

I’m a clairvoyant and channel who receives messages of higher wisdom from guides, angels, and master teachers.

I don’t call myself a medium or a psychic.


Because even though what I do is a form of mediumship, people tend to associate mediums with contacting only those who have passed and are now in spirit form.


Your deceased loved ones may or may not come through during the session.


My guides can act as “bouncers”—if it’s important or there’s something pertaining to your spiritual growth that needs to be communicated; they will allow the information or spirit to come through.


I don’t predict the future, or tell you what decisions you have to make.

However, if it’s a life or death situation, the guides can be quite adamant.


In one instance, a woman who was also a trusting acquaintance came to see me and asked about her daughter’s health. 

The daughter was beginning to have some fear and doubts about an upcoming surgery. They were both now considering other more holistic ways for her to heal.


The guides told her that surgery would save her daughter’s life—and even I was surprised at the immediate and very definitive response.


Her daughter had the operation and now, years later, she’s a happy and healthy young woman.

Your Guides


I believe that the people who find and seek me out are being gently nudged by not just their own guides, but by mine as well.


We’re working together as a team.


Imagine your guides as the wise, loving, but firm parental figures that you may have already ( lucky you! )—or wish that you did have.


Your guides know what you’ve been through and what you’re here to learn.


They understand and want to encourage your gifts. 


They see you for the singular being that you are.


They only want the best for you.


They’re here just as their name says—to help guide you.

That means learning through experience, not avoiding anything unpleasant.


When I had my first mystical experience and spiritual awakening my life didn’t suddenly become easier. 

On the contrary—I lost what I thought were good friends, felt confused, alone and misunderstood, and doubted my gifts because I felt underserving.


Now, with my guides help, I see my purpose more clearly, feel more confident in that role, and have forgiven myself for what I thought were big mistakes or missteps earlier in my life.


Your guides are here to show you what’s possible in your own life, and how your uniqueness is a blessing in every way.


Here’s the thing-

We all have free will. The choices and determinations we make are ultimately up to us.


Every year or two, I like to have a reading done for myself.

It helps keep me on track, and I may discover a new teacher or opportunity that I wasn’t aware of before.


But, no matter how famous or “spot on” the reader may be, I take what they say as interesting and relevant information, and not my future written in stone.


You can choose to listen, to ignore, or to carefully weigh your options before acting on or even accepting your guides advice and wisdom.


There is no judgment on their end, or on mine.


I tell people if you come with an open heart and an open mind, you will have the session that is just what you need at that time.

How I Work


I'm a conduit for the higher realms.


What I do is a form of channeling, but I’m not a trance channel.

A trance channel will temporarily leave his or her physical body, or step aside while the spirit steps in, and have very little memory of what was said.


The spirits come into my auric field and merge with my mind, while sending me images, emotions and a sense of “knowing”.


I’m fully present and aware of my body, but as the spirit merges with me, I feel a sense of fullness. That’s when it seems as if time stands still and the room becomes quiet and illuminated.


My voice may change just slightly and I may speak either faster or slower as I’m deciphering the messages that come.


Spirits communicate with me telepathically, and it’s like I’m receiving the information a nano second later; so I usually don’t now what I’m going to say, until I hear myself speak it.


Once, during a reading, a word came up and I quickly edited myself.

The word was “fu**-up-id-ness”.

I was embarrassed to say it, even though the client was a genuine kind of guy, with a ribald sense of humor.


In truth, the word seemed silly.

But the guides pressed and I finally used it in the sentence, “There is a certain fu**-up-id-ness to it.”


When the reading was finished, I opened my eyes to find him gaping at me, with a huge smile on his face.


“How did you know that?,” he asked me, leaning all the way forward in his chair.


“Yesterday at work, when I gathered everyone for our daily meeting, I told my employees that I had invented a word just that morning, and was going to tell them what it was.”




I’ve learned now not to edit the information that comes through,  because no matter how silly or inconsequential it may seem, it probably will have meaning for you.

spirit guide.png

Your Session


Here are some things that may be addressed during your session:


Life Lessons- What are you here to learn? Is there karma that needs to be addressed in any way? Our souls choose what we need to learn to grow. How we go about learning comes in many different ways—through people, relationships, family, even the careers and jobs where we work.


Purpose- For most people ( me included ) this is the most important aspect of their lives that they are trying to figure out.

Why am I here? What am I here to do?

I used to think it meant what I did for a living. I was always trying to follow my "bliss" through jobs or my entrepreneurial and creative endeavors. Even though it was frustrating, I look back and see how all of those jobs helped shape and mold my experiences.

Your purpose may surprise you. It can be as simple as having children or a family because one of your life lessons is to be a good parent. 


It can be to fully express yourself, whether in communicating

( writing, blogging, teaching, being a newsanchor ) or creating ( think arts, crafts, cooking, film making, makeup and hair, decorating, etc )


Past Lives-

Even though I think it's important that we understand our past lives through a personal regression, many times the guides will show me where your soul has been before this present life. It greatly helps to shine a light on your choices and even your fears so that insight and healing come begin almost immediately.  


Spiritual Growth-

I encourage you to come with specific questions, but please realize that what comes through also depends also your openness and willingness to participate.


We all have lessons to learn and things we need to figure out on our own.


Sometimes a spiritual journey can seem a bit lonely because there is no other living person who is there to hold your hand every step of the way, or advise you on all aspects of your life. 

Know that your guides and angels are supporting you, but are not going to give you all of the answers— and neither can I!


Your guides are here to help your soul evolve and grow.


And, hey if we all knew everything, there would be nothing for us to learn and the mysteries of life would not be so mysterious anymore.


If you’re looking for all of the answers to your life’s questions or problems, someone to predict your future, and tell you what to do, then I’m probably not the right person for you.


I’m sure there are a lot of readers who will take your money and tell you what you want to hear.


I’m just not one of them.

Seeing Faces


One of the aspects of my sessions and readings that sets me apart is my ability to see faces appearing on or over your face during the session.


It’s an occurrence called “overshadowing”, and although it’s not unheard of  in mediumship and spiritual circles, it’s something most people have no idea exists or is even possible.


One of the first times this happened was years ago, when I was doing hypnotherapy with a man for smoking cessation.


During our third session, I began to see his face transform into a man with bushy eyebrows, a full salt and pepper beard and deep, black eyes. One eye was so dark it looked as if it was covered by a patch. 


I gasped. I thought it was a pirate looking back at me!


I hesitated to tell my client when he opened his eyes, but finally relayed the story of the pirate.

Wow, he said, and then rolled up the sleeve of his shirt to show me the tattoo on his bicep of—you guessed it—a pirate!


We both laughed, and I figured that maybe this man was a pirate in a past life.

For the rest of the day I marveled at what I had seen.


That night, while sleeping, I had a dream that I was looking at a terra cotta bust statue of a man with a beard and bushy eyebrows. 


I heard the name “Padre Pio” very clearly.


When I woke up, I wrote the name down, but as the day went on, forgot all about it.


A few days later, a friend ( who is a devoted Catholic) told me about a nearby site that she had visited. 


It was a Padre Pio shrine.

I immediately remembered my dream and told her about it.


“Padre Pio is my guy!” she squealed over the phone. “He’s now a Saint, and has performed incredible healings and miracles!”


Of course I Googled him, and when I saw the picture it was my turn to squeal.


It was the face on my client. It wasn’t a pirate, I was looking at, it was Saint Padre Pio.


But, why—and how?


Honestly, I’m not sure how it works, I just know that it’s real, and it means something.


Since then, I’ve witnessed many faces, on many people. I don’t always understand their meaning, and it doesn’t happen all the time.

But when it does, I pay attention.


Here’s something else to keep in mind—

You might be able to see my face change as well.


If you’re third eye is open, or you’re a natural clairvoyant, you may see the face of your spirit guide, a loved one, a past life or a master teacher, like Padre Pio.


I believe that most of us are capable of seeing and experiencing more than we could ever imagine.


It does takes practice, patience and a bit of courage, to develop this ability, so don’t expect it to happen right away.


For those of you who are nervous, or think it sounds kind of crazy, don’t worry, it will only happen when you’re truly ready for it.


One last note—


When I first started using zoom for remote sessions, I figured the faces wouldn’t appear.


I was wrong.