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Certified Past Life Regression Training
From more than a decade of experience, and over a thousand life-changing sessions, Barbara Angelo has created a complete past life regression training for those who want to accelerate their clients' as well as their own personal healing and spiritual development. 
In this course you will learn hypnosis skills, why and when past life regression is valuable, identifying themes and archetypes, life lessons, healing from past lives, and how to conduct a professional past life session. 
You'll experience live demonstrations, and practice techniques under Barb's supervision. 
Barb Angelo is a Certified Instructor and Board Certified Hypnotist who has trained with world renowned past life authority Dr. Brian Weiss, as well as some of the country’s leading spiritual teachers and hypnotherapists.
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 what students are saying
"I recently completed a course with Barb to get my certificate as a Certified Hypnotist. I was extremely pleased with my experience. Barb is an excellent hypnotist and teacher. There's a lot of information to cover and she manages to keeps things moving along, while also being engaging, humorous, taking time for relevant stories, and making sure everyone understands the material. The small class size,  currently at 10 students or less, is a wonderfully intimate way of learning subjects such as hypnosis, in my opinion anyhow.  I would definitely recommend anyone seeking either professional hypnosis services or instruction to contact Barb for more information!"
Brian W.
"Beautiful, serene setting. Learned lots of important, useful techniques. Ready to begin my new career!"
"I completed my hypnosis training with Barb and it was excellent.  We learned a lot in class and were given all the tools we needed to practice hypnotherapy. Barb is very thorough and a wealth of information."
Jennifer DeJoseph
"Coming from a background in ministry, and law enforcement before that, I enrolled in the course with guarded optimism. Any doubt that I might have had vanished within the first hour of the first day. 

Barbara lead the class with an emphasis on the needs of her students. While covering the content thoroughly, she made sure to address any concerns or questions we had before moving to the next topic. Discussions were encouraged, and Barbara gave ample time for us to arrive at the answers without having them spoon-fed to us; Barbara helped facilitate the answers to our questions, but encouraged us to figure them out by ourselves using critical thinking and reasoning. This type of teaching style made the class enjoyable and fun!

Perhaps more than the material presented and the knowledge gained, what I appreciated most was the confidence Barbara gave each student in the class to begin the journey of helping others through the use of hypnosis. 

I highly recommend anyone considering learning hypnotism (whether for your personal use or to help others work within their own healing parameters) to enroll in this course of study provided by a teacher who is passionate about her very special calling, a teacher whose commitment goes well beyond the textbook - Barbara Angelo."

Reverend Dr. Rusty Williams, CH
M.Div, D.Min.
Author, Detective (retired)

"It's been quite some time since I have been in a classroom setting with the intention of learning a new skill & I feel like I choose to learn from one of the best in her field. When it comes to teaching, Barbara is skillful, passionate & approachable. In a few short weeks, I learned not just the techniques of hypnosis but the depth of those techniques when used with a pure heart like Barbara. Her approach is very practical & hands on, while at the same time being very patient & funny. Yes, we did laugh & cry.... When it comes to the art of teaching, all I can say is Barbara has the soul of a teacher. Taking this class has empowered me to move forward with confidence. Whatever comes next for me I am better prepared for it because of my experience with Barbara."

In gratitude, Kelli Larkin

"Barbara Angelo possesses the skill to explain and demystify hypnosis.
My depth of knowledge has increased significantly due to Barbara's teachings.
The interventions that I have learned in this class cannot be learned in just books or online. Barbara shares very selflessly herself and her experience that prepares you for challenging situations. Since adding her techniques to my own private practice I have had a dramatic increase in positive results with my clients.
Barbara truly is the expert in the Tri-State area, as proven by her success rate."

Colleen Brigid Fitzpatrick, MSW, LCSW

Barbara is very knowledgable and you can trust her to give you up to date techniques and the latest teachings.
Often she gave us demonstrations and hypnotized us so we would get a clear vision and understanding of hypnosis.
Barbara was always available to answer questions and the class went far beyond my expectations.
She is the real deal, and I'm so happy that Barbara Angelo trained me!

Margo Orr
Certified Hypnotist
Soaring Phoenix Hypnotherapy
Barb Angelo, BCH, CI
Village II Offices Suite #12
1200 S. Church St. 
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054