your soul tribe is here for you.

Don't keep them waiting.

Do you have a secret wish that you're really a super hero with special powers?
Spoiler alert:
You are. And you do.

​Are you meant for more than sorting laundry, running errands, and binge-watching Netflix or Law and Order reruns?


Is your dream job starting to feel like a boring chore?


When you try to engage your friends or spouse in deeper conversation—like say,  the meaning of life, and why we're all here—are you met with the sound of crickets?



you have the house, the kids, the career

and you're...unfulfilled.

You've been in therapy and it helped. For a while.


You've read books and taken courses on self-help and positive thinking. 


You even spent a weekend swatting mosquitoes and sharing a single bathroom with nine other people at that mindfulness retreat in the woods.

You had fun, you even made some friends, and two hours after you got home,

the sparkle was already gone. 

You tell yourself that someday you'll take the time to really meditate, be more spiritual,

feel less stressed and uncertain—but another day goes by and...

there go those crickets again.



Your Soul is talking to you—

are you listening?

Your soul is saying that you've been through a lot.


You've suffered. You've lost. You've triumphed. You've loved. 

You've travelled all over the place, and now you find yourself here, in this life, at this time.


So—what now?

Your soul knows what you're capable of doing and being.

And it's ever so gently kicking you in the butt.


It's whispering sweet nothings in your ear that sound something like this-


"Yes, you deserve to be happy."


"Yes, you are special."


"Yes, there's more to this world then what you've been taught."


"Yes, you have a purpose."


"Yes, you have unique gifts."


And—"No, you're not selfish, unreasonable or ungrateful for wanting more."

You have a Soul Tribe–and you don't even know it.

You've got a powerful posse of support within you and all around you. 
Some have been with you since birth. Some even longer.
You've probably heard of angels, but did you know you also have spirit guides and master teachers?
Yes, your dear deceased Aunt Matilda may be one of them. But I'm speaking more about the higher wisdom of the universe.
The mostly unseen ( but often felt ) energies that are here for all of us.

Like your higher self, they can sound like your own voice in your head. 

In moments of stillness, or when you least expect it, you can sense them.

Now, before you start thinking "uh-oh, this sounds like a bunch of woo-woo crap," 
please hear me out.
I'm not a woo-woo girl. Never have been. Never will be.
I call myself a modern mystic, but I'm still a skeptic at heart.
I think a healthy dose of skepticism is required in this time of instant gratification and spiritual desperation. Too many people are trying to sell you the quick road to enlightenment.
( BTW, if someone tells you that they're enlightened, my guess is that they're not. )
In the beginning of my journey, it took a lot for me to believe in the unknown.
I needed proof. And, boy did I start getting it. 
It wasn't until I started seeing, hearing and sharing amazing experiences on my own and with my clients—over and over—that I started to truly to believe in what some would call "mystical"
And now, you can't shake my belief.
Over the years, I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life.
I've worked with ages from 7 to 87. Doctors, lawyers, therapists, pilots, healers, artists, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and stay at home parents.
What they all have in common is their desire to learn more about themselves, and their soul's journey.
I'm not here to heal, fix or change you.
I'm here to assist you, guide you, and show you what's possible with your own life.
I'm also here to laugh with you.
Because when did spirituality get so damn serious?
( Oh, wait... it's always been too damn serious. )
I'm here to share with you what I've learned over the years as a Board Certified Hypnotist, a Past Life Therapist, an Instructor, and yes, a Modern Mystic.
I'm here to help you connect to your own Soul Tribe.
If you're looking for your own "A-ha!" moments, then I recommend you look over my website and see
who I am and what I have to offer.
What I do and how I work is not for everyone.
Ask yourself these questions to see if we're a good fit.
If it sounds like we are, then contact me.
to begin your own journey.
I look forward to meeting you.
Barb Angelo

The "A-Ha" moments are what get me out of bed in the morning.

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