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Imagine meeting your biggest supporter.


This supporter understands your dreams, desires and even your biggest fears.

They know why you’re here and what you’re here to do.

They know your story and what you’ve been through.


They get you.


But here’s the other thing—

They don’t take any crap.

They won’t tell you that you’re doing a great job, when you’re not even trying.

They won’t nod their head in agreement when you make the same mistakes, or retreat into the same old patterns.

They’ll let you know just how they feel.


And it’s because they want what’s best for you.


They’re here to teach you what they know, and share the wisdom that they’ve learned.

And they’re here now, waiting for you to connect with them.


Is this supporter me?




It’s your

 Higher Mind.

Also known as Higher Self, Soul-Self, Soul Wisdom—and, well, you get the idea.


​Actually, the two of you are well aquainted.

In fact, you’re the best of friends.


But up until now, it may have been a very one-sided relationship.



Because you haven't been paying close enough attention.

You're ignoring your bestie and shutting them out.


As a matter of fact—it's the most important part of you.


It comes through as your intuition, your creativity, and when you're in the flow of things.

It's that whisper, that nudge, that sudden spark of interest.


It's that feeling of just knowing something.


Your Higher Mind understands what you've been through

not just in this life, but before you were even born.

Imagine that, huh?


Your Higher Mind Speaks From Your Soul

So, why aren't you as familiar with this part of you?

​Please, don't blame yourself, you've got enough on your plate.


You've just forgotten.


Because like most of us, you've never learned about this other, better (yeah, I said it) half.

Over the years, we humans have become ignorant to the the very essence of our being.

We've been taught to depend on the outside world for all of our answers, when the truth lies within us.

How do I know all of this?


Because I've spent the last two decades of my life observing the extraordinary changes of ordinary people.


People who once held themselves back are now moving forward with lives of meaning and inspiration.

They've gained more clarity about relationships, careers, choices and what truly makes them happy.

They continue the daily practice of finding acceptance and peace from within.

(yes, it's a practice, not a permanent state.)


I've conducted over a thousand sessions, and have learned something valuable from every single one of them.

Bu mostly I know this because I've witnessed the transformation for myself.

Of myself.


I've changed my way of thinking, believing and trusting.


Did it happen over night?



Is it still happening?


Because I'm always discovering and learning more.


I help people

remember who they really are.


I can help you crack that door open so you can meet your better half.

So you can both get reacquainted.


Together we’ll uncover old patterns and ways of thinking that are holding you back

and keeping you small.


We’ll explore your soul's journey to discover past experiences that have shaped your beliefs

and karmic patterns.


I’ll show you how your thoughts can be turned into reality, and how to tap into your special gifts.


Because yeah—you've got gifts.


As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Coach and Intuitive Counselor, I offer a unique perspective and techniques that you won't find with other therapists, coaches or healers.


I'm here to listen, guide and give insights when needed.


I'm not here to give you all the answers, or tell you what to do. 

That's not my job—or anyone else's for that matter.

It's yours.


The wonderful thing about connecting with your Soul Mind, is finding the answers

from within you.

So you can decide, you can choose to follow your own path and create the life you want.


Because as mind-blowing, and life-changing as this work can be (my clients' words, not mine—although I do whole heartedly agree) it is just that—



I'm not talking sweaty, back-breaking, hard labor.

It's not a tedious, boring, 9-5 sitting in a tiny cubicle without the light of day work either. 

It's your LIFE'S WORK.


To figure it out. 

Intuitive Coaching Can Help You:

  • Connect to your Higher Self and and tap into the guidance and support that awaits.

  • Find your own unique way of manifesting through the imagination.

  • Build confidence in your abilities and natural gifts—whatever they may be.

  • Explore past lives to understand root causes and beliefs that are blocking your present growth.

  • Discover what's holding you back from shining your light and living your purpose. 


Are you feeling excited, nervous and pulled toward this at the same time?



That's your Higher Mind whispering "Yesssss" in your ear.

And this time, you're paying attention.


 So, What's Your Next Step?


Look over my site to get an understanding of who I am, how I work and what is possible.


Then, if you're curious, and ready to explore, fill out the contact form and introduce yourself.

From there we can communicate via email, and if you have more questions, we'll set up a time for a discovery chat to see if we're a good match.








Barb Angelo
For past life stories, meditations and other stuff check out my YouTube channel and Instagram  @barbangelohypnosis
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