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Helping the World, One Soul At a Time

"This was not just a training; it was an experience. 
I was sorry that it ended!  It was such a great atmosphere. 
Not only did I get what I wanted from it which was to learn how to do past life regression; I also felt spiritually enriched from the experience. 
Thank you for running such an amazing class!! 
If you do any other more advanced training, I would definitely be interested!"

Charlene D. Psychotherapist

Are you a therapist, coach, or counselor looking for a better way to help your clients and patients?

Maybe you're burned out, and tired of the same approaches that just don't seem to be working anymore?

Do you harbor a secret longing to help others, be of service and find real passion and fulfillment in what you do?

Are you interested in starting a new career, or want to expand your existing practice?


Hypnosis Sets You Apart

More than ever, people are hurting.

They're anxious, stressed and looking for natural ways to improve their daily lives.

Medication and traditional therapy can be life savers.

But the results don't always last. 


















Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression can help you get to a deeper level of

insight and understanding.

These sessions can be truly transformational.

How do I know?


Because hypnotherapy changed my life.


And because it helped me, I've been able to help over a thousand people change theirs.



Transform your life and help others along your journey.

I attended Barb's Past life regression hypnotherapy certification in November of 2021. Barb is both personable and professional! She has a true love for what she does and it absolutely shows. Her class was exhilarating! She covers a lot of material with preciseness and her manual is very well put together.
She knows exactly what each student needs. I woke up excited to go every day. I left extremely confident to start seeing clients. This class was one of the best I've ever attended. Thank you!
Kristen Williams, Medium, Reiki Master
Studies Comparing Patient Results

600 hours of Psychotherapy-
33% Improvement

6 Hypnotherapy Sessions
93% Improvement
Train with a Board Certified Hypnotist with over 15 years experience.
Learn Past Life Regression with a specialist who has trained with world renowned expert
Dr. Brian Weiss.

Hello, I'm Barb Angelo.


After 15 years and over a thousand clients, I've decide to focus on what I love most—teaching.




Not just because, more than ever, there is a need for hypnosis and past life regression.


Not because I'm a Certified Instructor with two organizations and have my own approved school with the International Federation of Hypnotists.


I'm putting my energies into teaching because I've realized the time is right.

And that it's part of my legacy.


It's sharing what I know, and what I've learned. Even the failures. (Yeah, I pass those on to you so you can avoid my mistakes—you're welcome, in advance)


It's bringing those like-minded people together, and watching them blossom and grow.

It's the laughter, joy and wonder we experience throughout the week.

It's sharing personal stories of insights and AHA! moments.

When I teach I feel truly alive. I know that I'm a part of something that matters.


If you're anything like me, when you learn something new, your heart quickens, your energy soars and your creative mind opens wide.

You begin to see the possibilities for your own life.


My classes are small. 

I don't train hundreds of people a year.

I'm not really interested in building my brand, creating passive income, or being an influencer.

But, that's just me.

I teach the same way I've built my business.

By learning, practicing, listening—and doing the work.

So, here's my question for you—

What's Your Legacy?

What impact would you like to make on the world?


It doesn't need to be huge. Or even grand.

It can be helping one soul, one person.

It can be making that change just for yourself.


You don't need to be famous or well known.

It just needs to matter to the ones who were there.

Are you Ready to Start Making a Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Others?
Barb Angelo
Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Past Life Regression Specialist, Founder of the Barb Angelo School of Hypnotherapy
Follow me on YouTube and Instagram @barbangelohypnosis
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