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Meet Barb

Hi, I’m Barb Angelo.

Since 2007, I've helped over a thousand of people from ages eight to eighty connect to their soul's wisdom.

My clients come from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions.

They're professional and amateur athletes, leaders of business, students, actors, stay at home parents, doctors and retirees.


I’ve experienced more AHA! moments then I can count and have witnessed what some might call miracles.

Through my higher calling, I've been honored to assist so many wonderful people as they discover and embrace who they truly are.

The more I do this work, the more in awe I am at the power we all hold within us.

I'm a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, a Certified Instructor, and an Intuitive Channel.

I'm here as a kind of cultivator, planting seeds of light wherever I go.


Did this come naturally to me?

Well, yes—and no.

I've worked very hard building my practice, and spent years attending conferences, workshops, and professional trainings.

(I'm that person who would rather spend her money on books and classes, not shoes and vacations.)


I've met and trained with some of my spiritual heroes, like best-selling author a world renowned past life authority Dr. Brian Weiss and the late, great Dick Sutphen.


As a Certified Instructor with several hypnosis organizations, I've trained others in the incredible healing arts of hypnotherapy and past life regression.


I acquired my skills through session after session, year after year.

Through it all, and mostly on my own, I've learned how to harness my own unique gifts and skills as a channel of higher wisdom.

Something I never knew existed, let alone was possible—until now.

In the past, I've kept those gifts separate from my other more tangible skills as a hypnotherapist and teacher.


By letting those aspects of myself seamlessly blend, I've created an experience that not only helps people at a higher level of insight, but brings me the joy of sharing and being of service.

As I've grown into my soul's chosen purpose, I've embraced who I am and how I'm here to make the world a better place.


One soul at a time.

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Barb Angelo, Official Bio

Barb Angelo is the creator of Higher Mind Intuitive Coaching—a unique combination of Spiritual Counseling, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.


She is a Board Certified and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regression therapist, and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with an approved school through the International Hypnosis Federation.

Barb has trained with world renowned past life authority Dr. Brian Weiss.


She is additionally certified in Life Between Lives therapy as originated by 

Michael Newton.


She has also worked with N.Y times best-selling author Dick Sutphen, who helped her to understand her own unique channeling abilities.


Barb has been in private practice since 2007, and has helped over a thousand people connect to their Higher Mind to gain clarity, wisdom and the confidence to follow their spiritual paths. 


Barb brings her own unique brand of guidance, comfort, knowledge and humor to her private sessions and trainings.


She believes that our past lives hold many secrets to our formative experiences, karmic lessons, and present thought patterns.

And by exploring our pasts we can releases old wounds, consciously change old beliefs and move forward in the present. 


Barb lives in Mt. Laurel, NJ with her husband Bob, a retired Emmy Award winning producer, director and cinematographer, and the two wonder dogs, Frankie and Teddy.

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