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I've been a Certified Hypnotist, a Past Life Therapist and a Certified Instructor for well over a decade. I've trained with some of the leaders in the fields of clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual hypnosis, including past life expert Dr. Brian Weiss.
In the past, I kept my clinical hypnosis clients apart from my "spiritual" clients who would come to me for past life regression and soul guidance. As an Instructor with the NGH , the ICBCH, and the IHF, I trained hypnotists in the traditional sense, for issues like smoking cessation, stress management and weight loss.
Even after having numerous mystical experiences over the years, and a spiritual awakening that rocked my world, I was still denying who I truly was by trying please everyone who came to me for help.
I was holding back on the very thing that makes my practice so unique.
And by doing that, I was doing myself and my clients a disservice. 
So, I'm now officially "out and proud" in a spiritual sense.
My gift as a channel of the higher realms is a wondrous, profound thing that is included in everything that I do—especially my work.
All of my work.
To be clear, when I say divinely guided,
I'm referring to the extraordinary wisdom that is available to all of us in the form of spirit guides, our higher selves, and yes– sometimes even angels, and ascended masters.
Although deceased relatives have been known to step in and help when necessary, I don't call myself a medium, and I don't consider what I do mediumship.
I communicate with the energy of the higher realms who give information and messages that are meant specifically for you, and designed for your learning process.
Here's more information about my professional training and what it's like to be a modern mystic.
You don't have to be spiritual, religious or even believe in spirit guides or a higher self to benefit from these sessions, but having an open mind, and a healthy, mature dose of curiosity is essential.
If this type of therapy is something that you're not ready for—hey, I understand. There are many professional, caring practitioners out there waiting to help you.
If this does resonate with you loud and clear,
then please look over all of my information and then contact me to see if we're a good fit.

Barb Angelo

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Manifest Goals & Dreams 
  • Learn the real "Secrets" of manifesting and attracting what you want in your life.

  • See how you may be attracting what you don't want on an unconscious level.

  • Understand the difference between your souls desire and your ego's desire.

Manifesting begins with a minimum of three sessions—an initial 90 minute session and two 60 minute follow ups.

Fee for Three Sessions: $450.00

Follow up Sessions: $120.00

4 Sessions: $560.00

6 Sessions: $820.00

More about Manifest Coaching
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Integrative Healing Therapy
  • Change old thoughts and beliefs so you can move forward in your life.

  • Manage pain, anxiety and stress.

  • Create new, positive solutions to everyday issues.

Higher Wisdom Hypnotherapy begins with a minimum of three sessions—an initial and two follow ups.

The issue, challenge or what you wish to accomplish will determine the amount of sessions needed or recommended.

The first session is 90 minutes, follow ups are 60 minutes.


Fee for Three Sessions: $450.00

Follow ups: $120.00


Four Sessions: $560.00

Six Sessions: $820.00

All sessions must be paid for prior to, or at the time of the first session.

Past Life Exploration
  • Discover and resolve past life issues.

  • Tap into talents and knowledge from other lives and times.

  • Explore your higher consciousness for understanding and healing.

Past Life Regressions begin with a minimum of two sessions—an initial and a follow up. The first session is about 120 minutes in length. Follow ups are about 90 minutes.

Fee for Two Sessions: $450.00

Three Session Package: $540.00

Soul Guidance & Higher Wisdom
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Master Teachers. 

  • Receive loving and straightforward guidance.

  • Learn how your guides are communicating with you through signs and synchronicities.

1 Session 60 minutes- $150.00

2 Session Package- $280.00