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Work With Barb

When we work together, it's truly a meeting of the higher minds.


You may come in thinking you have a particular issue or challenge that needs to be dealt with, but find that your other self is taking you in a slightly different direction.

And that’s good.


The hardest thing for most humans is the ability to let go of attachments—and expectations.

In other words, what you think should happen.

On your timeline.


The most heartfelt, life changing sessions occur when the person is open and ready to receive  whatever their higher mind brings to them at that time.


Trusting in that part of you can take time.

And practice.

But when it begins, you’ll never look back.


During most of our sessions, I'll use Hypnotherapy for relaxation and focus.


It’s the best way I’ve found for bypassing the critical thinking so you can access the higher mind.

As a plus, it also feels great!

I may suggest Past Life Regression therapy for a deeper understanding of root causes, triggers and chronic pain and behavioral patterns.

(As a past life regression specialist who has trained with Brian Weiss and now trains others to do this incredible work, I can attest to the power and importance of past life exploration.)

Each session can be customized by you and for you.

Don't know exactly what you need?

I can help you figure that out, too.


If you're getting excited, feeling hopeful, but still not sure if this is for you-

Ask Yourself These Questions-


  • Are you open and willing to learn?

  • Are your goals or expectations realistic?

  • Are you committed to practicing any simple techniques I may share with you?

  • Can you acknowledge that change doesn’t happen overnight?

  • Are you ready to follow through with any actions your higher mind may offer?

  • Can you let go and surrender to the experience?

If you answered yes to most of them, we could be a good match.

Let's find out.


We start with either a three or six session package.


If you’d like, we can schedule a discovery call where I can answer some of your questions and we both decide whether this is right for you.


Sessions can be booked two to three weeks apart, or even monthly, depending on any issues, challenges or how much time is needed to process what comes up.

We can book them on a session to session basis, or all at once, depending on what works best for you.


Sessions must be paid in full at the time of our first meeting.

(For six sessions, I will work with people in need of a payment plan)

I accept Venmo, cards, personal checks and yes, good old cash.


Your first session is two hours, but please allow enough time for yourself in case we go a bit over.


Follow ups are about 90 minutes.


Sessions can be in-person at my Mt. Laurel office, or through Zoom.


Three Sessions: $800.00

Six Sessions: $1500.00






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