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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Intuitive Coaching begins with a series of either three or six sessions.

Your initial appointment is about two hours in length. Follow up sessions are 90 minutes.


If you start with three and want to continue, we'll schedule three more.

Some people book six sessions to start. They know there's a lot to uncover and want to get to work!

A lot of clients get what they need in three visits.


After that, they're ready to continue the process of learning and growing on their own.

Because the work and growth doesn't stop.

It's what you do on a daily basis. It's how you're evolving—and guess what?

Even when you've completed this life, there's still more for you to learn. 

During your first appointment, we'll talk a bit of your background, where you are now, and your desires for Soul exploration.

I'll ask questions, take notes and explain in more detail how I work.

You'll then get comfortable and I'll guide you to a relaxed state.

That's where I use my skills as a hypnotherapist.

You may see or sense colors, images or memories. You may or not remember what you experienced.

You'll feel calm, dreamy and able to focus your attention inward, where all the good stuff is. 

Afterwards we'll discuss what came up and I'll add my interpretations and some thoughts.


Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being.

You'll come out of it feeling refreshed and maybe a bit "out of it" for a few minutes.


Things To Remember

You're a unique Soul with its own past and purpose.

What I recommend for one person, may not be the same for another.

Even if it's a similar sounding issue or need for change, no two people are going to have the same experience or insights.


 The most powerful transformations occur when people-

Are curious and open-minded.

Can let go of what their logical minds think should happen. 

Trust that the Universe will give you what you need and are ready for at that particular time.

And don't worry, I'll gently remind you as we move through the steps.



let's start exploring!


start your journey

with three sessions


ready to jump right in?


Start your journey with

six sessions


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