The healing powers of the mind, body and soul.

and what hypnotherapy has to do with it.


As a Board Certified Hypnotist and a Past Life Therapist, I know the incredible impact of the Mind, Body, and Soul connection—and how each thing effects the other.

To ignore one is to do it disservice. If you focus only on controlling or nurturing your body and the physical aspects of yourself, you might feel like your mind has, well a mind of its own, and that it can overrule your best intentions at anytime.

If you have anxiety, fear or doubt, it may seem like it's all in your head, but you also feel it in your body. Your mind contributes with its thoughts, words and deep seated beliefs. It has patterns and habits that have been ingrained over time.

Your body is just following through with those thoughts and commands that you're unconsciously

sending out.

Your soul has its own memories and acquired beliefs and it also has its own agenda, so to speak.


To better understand an issue or belief, you need to go to a deeper place inside you.

You need to find out why it's there, what it needs, and how it can feel better.


How do you find this information?


First, you need to let go of your logical, thinking mind. The part that analyzes and judges what's going on, or tries to put it in a box.


Someone once said, "Logic is the killer of dreams."

We're taught to be logical and realistic about our goals and dreams. We then see the world as limited in a way.

Hypnosis allows you to bypass the analytical mind and open the door to your higher mind.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience every day.

The best description of hypnosis I can give you is this-

Hypnosis is focused state of relaxation, when the outside world fades into the background.


It's when your inner mind is active and the body is quiet.

Hypnosis is similar in feeling to a mediative state.


I like to call it meditation with a purpose.

It's the tool, the bridge that gets you to a certain point of awareness.

Hypnotherapy is the art of gathering information, suggesting feelings and outcomes, and working with your mind and imagination to create change.


In Soul Therapy, we're working with the collected memories from past lives, the interlife and you're also tapping into more resources of the higher realms, like Universal wisdom, and Divine beings.

Here's the story of a young hypnotherapy client and an example of how the mind, body and soul work with each other.


Megan's Story


Megan, a 13 year old honor student and athlete, suffered from stomach pain that would trigger anxiety so extreme that her brain would go into mini seizures. Doctors were perplexed and assumed there had to be some sort of trauma she had experienced, either physically or mentally.

But after a year of tests, physical and psychotherapy, they had no answers and Megan wasn't getting much relief.

She would feel nauseous, become panic stricken and at times would passed out.

When I met her we started with hypnotherapy for relaxation and positive suggestions.

At our second meeting, I again guided her to a deep hypnotic state and instructed her go back to the first time she felt the pain in her stomach. When I asked her subconscious if it was from a past life, she immediately lifted a finger while in trance to indicate "no".

She recalled being very little and going into her parents bedroom where she heard her mother vomiting in the bathroom toilet.

Her mother had severe stomach pain ( which she later confirmed was caused by a bowel obstruction ) and at that moment Megan wanted to help her mother, so she took on her pain.

It was a that moment where she described also having stomach pain, which grew worse as she got older. 

It was a revelation for Megan and for her mother.

Not only did they get valuable information about where the pain originated from, but her counselors could now approach her therapy from a different angle.

And she and I could also explore further the beliefs behind the souls willingness to suffer, and why, in this life, she didn't need to.

( because, let's face it, most counselors or talk therapists aren't going to ask you about your soul and how it feels or what it wants. )

I've learned that our souls will sometimes take on another's suffering, or bring suffering to themselves. Which doesn't mean in any way that you deserve to suffer. It means that the soul may believe it's something that will actually help in some way, to promote growth and evolution.

Does it mean we're stuck with what our souls think is best?

Not really.

Souls can get just as confused as the human part of us.

Where our spirit is eternal and divine, our souls have reincarnated over and over to—as the Indigo Girls sang— get it right.

In the interlife ( life between lives ) our souls make choices before we reincarnate. The goal is to experience the many facets of human existence, which is why in our past lives we've been many genders, races and have had many different experiences.

Believe it or not, some souls want to accelerate and speed up the whole process of "getting it right".

If you're interested in knowing more about your soul's journey through hypnotherapy, contact Barb