Studies comparing patients results:

600 hours of psychotherapy-

33% improvement

6 Hypnotherapy sessions-



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Hypnosis is finally getting the credit it deserves.

The old, dated images of middle aged men swinging pocket watches while commanding their patients to "Sleep!" are thankfully, long gone. 


In it's place are the countless studies and research done by the likes of Harvard, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, John's Hopkins, and hundreds of other prestigious medical centers and universities around the world.


These studies show the clear findings that hypnosis, a completely natural state of mind, can not only be used to eliminate and change old habits, but can actually help to heal everything from IBS and stomach issues, to broken bones and skin conditions.


Hypnosis can help with anxiety, stress, fears, and phobias. It can help you gain confidence, attain goals and improve clarity and intuition.



Clinical hypnotherapy has been used for many years by psychologists, doctors, nurses, even dentists. In the past, smoking cessation and weight loss were the most popular reasons people sought out hypnotists.


Clinical hypnosis, like traditional talk therapy and mood altering medication on it's own, will only get you so far.


If you're masking the problems, or sharing your pain by just venting, you may not be taking full responsibility for your feelings and actions. And when you don't fully understand where those feelings come from, how can you be expected to change those actions?


Hypnosis is an amazing tool for healing through the mind/body connection.

 When we add the most overlooked, and most vital part of ourselves—the spirit—we can begin to understand our soul's wisdom and allow awareness, acceptance and change to take place.


It's at this higher conscious level where we can truly manifest our dreams and desires.