past life therapy
“If we want to know who were are, we must first understand who we were.”
Roger Woolger, PhD, author of “Healing Your Past Lives”


Past Life Regression (PLR) is a process that accesses the deep subconscious, higher mind and soul memories.

These memories contain valuable information as to your core beliefs, emotions, feelings and even physical past.


What you carry with you from past incarnations has a direct influence on your present state.


Chronic, or unexplained pain, fears, phobias, even your attraction to another person may be related to your past.

Your soul carries with it key moments and events that then form your karma, life lessons and purpose.


Past Lives can strongly effect your present emotional, mental and physical health.


What you’ve learned from the past can assist you or hold you back. If you’ve had many lives of loss and hardship and held onto the feelings surrounding those events, you may view the world as a place of challenges and a struggles. You may even feel hopeless at times.


How you feel about the situations and what you’ve learned from them can affect not only your beliefs, but choices and decisions you make throughout your entire life.


If you struggle with relationships, confidence, fears, physical ailments, or feel blocked or stuck in this life, the clues to why may be contained in your past lives.

What we think, say or feel on our deathbed we carry over into other lives.


“Don’t leave me,” or “I’ll be with you forever,” said to a loved one before death may be the reason why you’re with that same soul, or seek that soul to repeat the feelings from that particular life.


People may continue to stay with in an abusive, neglectful or unsupportive relationship because it seems familiar and they are drawn to what they already know from experience.


What they may not realize is that they are here again together to work out the karma surrounding the situation and learn from it.


Not everyone that we meet again is here for our greatest benefit or growth. Sometimes we put ourselves into similar circumstances for the purpose of the karmic swing- doing the opposite, or assuming the opposing side of the matter.


A life as an oppressor or someone who misused their power 

( leader, head of the family, owner or boss of a business ) may, in this life feel powerless due to the lack of power or status.


If you were a slave owner, you may feel “enslaved” by a job, marriage, or your position in life.


If you were a leader who didn’t care if his people suffered, you may be suffering in this life, born into a dysfunctional family, feeling burdened or without options in life.


Physical pain can manifest from a past life actual injury, or even thoughts and beliefs that take on the literal meaning.


Not being able to “stomach” the truth of what was done to you, may result in stomach issues.


Being punished for stealing a loaf of bread because you were hungry may manifest as constant, insatiable hunger or weight issues in this life.


The idea that hunger is a necessary feeling caused by the physiological need to eat, but also brings the painful subconscious memory of humiliation and punishment, can cause conflicting emotions that no diet or exercise program will resolve. 


Losing your head during battle or from an execution ( yes, that happened quite a lot in the history of man ) can cause a feeling of incompleteness, phantom neck pain, of being “out of it”-or disorganized and scattered like a “chicken with it’s head cut off”.


Many would-be healers feel blocked or hesitant about their desire to help others. They doubt their gifts, or are afraid of what others may think about their interests.


Most likely, in a past life there was severe punishment for sharing those healing gifts.


Midwives, herbalists, and those who understood the power of nature were often turned on, quite viciously, by the very people who sought them out as healers.


However, no matter how traumatic or sad a past life may seem, experiencing a life where that knowledge is brought to light is not only empowering but can be life-life-changing as well.


Why would you need a past life regression?

There are many reasons why people want to experience a past life regression.


Here are some of the most common:

Improve relationships

Dispel fears and/or anxieties

Awaken talents/ gifts/abilities

Connect with higher self/higher consciousness

Confirm the existence of life after death

Learn life lessons and challenges

Understand attractions to places, people and situations

Relieve chronic undiagnosed pain

Let go of emotional attachments

​Move forward and realize soul purpose

Spiritual awakening






Dr. Brian Weiss discussing his first

experience with Past Lives on Oprah.


Dr. Brian Weiss's ground-breaking book, "Many Masters, Many Lives" helped bring the idea

of past life regression as a healing therapy to both the scientific and metaphysical communities.

                                                                                       Soul Lessons


We're here to learn. 

Our spirit is eternal and our souls are what incarnate again and again.

We present as a personality, who were are - the “skin suit” that contains the soul, spirit and all of those experiences and memories.

We hold onto those memories, experiences, and beliefs from the present life, the past and everything in between.


In every life we deal with relationships, karma, challenges and  issues.

We also have the chance to experience love, connectedness, and to share our gifts with the world around us.


What we bring with us into each life are our soul lessons.

We do this willingly, we are not being forced or judged by any one or anything else. 

We are here to experience every facet of the human existence.


In one life we may have been unkind to others, so in the next we are humanitarians.


A life of disconnectedness or loneliness may result in a following life with many family members, or a strong sense of community.


As we learn, we grow, we evolve.

Some of us are old souls- we’ve been around for a while, and we’ve learned a lot. 

Some of us may be newer, less experienced souls.


I’ve learned over the years that old souls are the ones who understand the Christ Consciousness. That we are here to share our unique gifts in helping others. 

That we’re here to learn lessons and experience connection and love.


Younger, newer souls tend to be the ones who are more tentative, fearful or suspicious. They may be drawn to power, gluttony, lust and getting as much as they can from others.


It doesn’t mean they’re evil or bad- just new to it all.

Imagine coming to this Earth for the first time. 

Basic survival is important, but there are also all of these material things that are so enticing.

The lower chakras are in play, so divine guidance or spiritual development is not necessarily important.


Most young souls don’t seek PLRs.


Understanding and then embracing your lessons can be freeing.

Imagine that you’re here this time around to learn patience.

That’s it.

How much easier it is to know that your plan is that simple.

You’ll see the world around you in a different way. 

You’ll remind yourself in any situation that “patience” is what you’re here for.

And as you learn to be more patient, you’re life flows and falls into place.


If your lesson is to learn trust, then start with yourself and trusting others will come naturally. 


We’re all on this journey together, but we are also learning at our own pace.

One person’s lessons or purpose may not be the same as their mate’s or children’s.


You may have chosen to incarnate with each so that conflict and karma can be resolved. 


No matter how much information you may find about your past, however, you can't force that knowledge on someone who isn't open or ready.


What you can do is begin the necessary changes needed for your own spiritual growth. 


When you consciously accept, then learn and heal from your past lives, those around you begin to change for the better as well- sometimes without even knowing why.