past life therapy
Past Life Sessions
“If we want to know who were are, we must first understand who we were.”
Roger Woolger,  
Author of “Healing Your Past Lives”

Since 2007, I’ve helped over a thousand people explore their souls’ 

journeys and grow spiritually through past life regression therapy.


As a PLR facilitator, and a spiritual intuitive, I can help you safely navigate and learn more about your past, your life lessons and even your purpose.


It’s up to you to fully participate in not just these sessions, but your ongoing spiritual development, however that looks or feels right for you.


PLRT is not just for entertainment purposes, nor is it a magic pill that will answer or solve all of your life’s questions and challenges.


PLRT is just that—therapy. And all therapy takes some time, effort and patience.


Why are your past lives so important?

They are the clues that help you understand your present life.


If you are suffering from a chronic illness, pain or phobia, it may very well be a past life experience stored in your soul memory.


The relationships you choose willingly, even the family you’re born into can come from decisions you’ve made to balance karma, learn lessons or experience something that you need to develop and grow spiritually.


What to expect in your first session 


Please note-

All PLR sessions begin with two—an initial and a follow up.


When we meet for the first time, we’ll go over the form you’ve filled out. I’ll ask you questions about your family, medical history, relationships and your intentions for the session and what you hope to learn.


I’ll explain in more detail how the regression works and what a typical session entails. We’ll address any questions or concerns you may have.                                                                                        

Important to Know


A past life regression is an exploration of your soul’s journey, and it is a deeply personal experience.


I don’t allow any friends, relatives or significant others, no matter how close they are to you, to join in or observe the session.



Because it may limit or color your experience. You may hold back on important information necessary for your soul’s growth.


( Exceptions to this rule would be a parent of a child under 12 y.o.) 


It’s fine to come with intentions or questions that you’d like answered, but to have the most successful, informative session it’s best to come with an open mind.



Watch my video for clues to your past lives

What is Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression (PLR) is a interactive process that accesses the deep subconscious, higher mind and soul memories.

These memories contain valuable information as to your core beliefs, emotions, feelings and even physical past.


What you carry with you from past incarnations has a direct influence on your present state.


Chronic, or unexplained pain, fears, phobias, even your attraction to another person may be related to your past.

Your soul carries with it key moments and events that then form your karma, life lessons and purpose.


Past Lives can strongly effect your present emotional, mental and physical health.




Dr. Brian Weiss's ground-breaking book, "Many Masters, Many Lives" helped bring the idea

of past life regression as a healing therapy to both the scientific and metaphysical communities.

Expectations & Intentions

There are no guarantees of what your soul wants to reveal to you. 

Everyone is different, and no two sessions are alike.

What you may have read in books or heard about from someone else, may not be the experience that you have.

It’s ultimately up to you, your own subconscious, higher self and even spirit guides as to how and when you’re ready to experience a PLR. 


I’m your guide and navigator throughout the session, and I’m a highly trained professional.


However, no PLR therapist, no matter how experienced or well intentioned they are, can force an inner experience to happen.


That can mean if your expectations or intentions are unrealistic, if you have trouble following directions, or if you have difficulty leaving your analytical, doubting self behind during the process.


I believe you are given just what you need at the right time. Be patient, trust in yourself and allow and accept whatever comes through for you.


My extensive training has prepared me for non-typical events during sessions when a past life may not occur, but another form of therapeutic healing or experience does.


Here are some of the things that have come up during, or even instead of a past life regression:


A spirit guide introduction.

Yes, your guides want to get to know you! If there is an urgency, they will find a way to connect with you, and it could be through me. I sometimes laugh thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes and how they’ve arranged this meet-and-greet.


A visitation from a passed loved one.

I had one week where all of my clients met with a deceased loved one who they had missed or been thinking about. In their minds they talked, touched and even smelled things in these vivid visits.


A spirit releasement.

Spirit attachment is an uncommon, although not rare occurrence. Earth Bound spirits, negative energies, fragments of consciousness, even past life spirits can be detected during hypnosis.

Even though I have only encountered a handful of these in all of my years or practice, I’m trained and prepared to assist in releasement and healing of the client.


An ET of otherworldly encounter

I’ve been seeing more and more clients who have been from other planets or worlds before incarnating on Earth. Most have a strong feeling before they come in to see me.

Once in a while, a person will remember an abduction or have an experience with what we would call “ET”s”



How to Prepare for Your Session


  • Dress comfortably.

  • Pick a quiet location in your home or place where you can be undisturbed for the length of the session

  • Limit caffeine intake that morning ( no more than 1 cup of tea or coffee )

  • Try not to go immediately back to work for at least a few hours. You’ll need some time to process and digest the information and the affects of the hypnosis. It may not be totally possible, but try to take it easy for the rest of the day. 

  • Meditate the days prior to your session. ( not necessary, but indeed helpful) 


Your first session will run about two hours; the follow ups are about 75-90 minutes.


Your Follow up Session


It’s best to wait a few weeks in between sessions, so you have time to acclimate to any changes physically and mentally.


At the beginning of your follow up session, we’ll go over any additional information that wasn’t covered, such as healing or resolution from any of the past lives we discovered in the initial session.


We’ll then go into hypnosis and continue exploring anything that needs to come up and be acknowledged.


Why Do I need a Follow up Session?


There are a few reasons why I find it important to split the PLR into two sessions—an initial and a follow up.


1) so that if needed, we can further resolve and heal any lingering issues from the previous sessions lives.


2) we can discuss any other PLR memories that might have come up as an after effect. ( which happens quite a bit )


3) if you for some reason you are not able to go into a trance state, or  have difficulty connecting with your past lives in your first session, knowing that you’ll have another chance may take off some of the pressure or nervousness that could have been holding you back the first time.