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The Healing Power Of Your Past Lives

Since 2007, I've helped over a thousand people discover and learn from their past lives.

I've trained with world renowned past life authority Dr. Brian Weiss, 

NY Times best-selling author Dick Sutphen, and many other leaders in the field pf spiritual hypnotherapy.


I teach the healing art of Past Life Regression at my Mt. Laurel office.


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Past Life Regression work can be an amazing tool for change and awareness at the deepest level.

Experiencing your Soul's past can be some of the most impactful work you ever do for yourself and your spiritual growth.


After all these years, I’m still  astounded at the life lessons that can be learned from your Soul's memories.

When you can identify another lifetime and the struggles, challenges and revelations that went along with it, you become more aware of your own issues in this life.


How those issues may be a repeating pattern, a karmic lesson, or a chance to “get things right” this time around.


Change can come about emotionally, intellectually, even physically.


It’s like you’re seeing your life from a different perspective–and it’s coming from your inner knowledge not an outside source.


By remembering who you were, what you did and yes, how you died, it’s like opening a folder of personal information that’s been stored for lifetimes.



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