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Your Inner Wolf Is Hungry

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

There’s an old story about an elder of a tribe who is sitting by the fire, explaining to his grandson how we all have two wolves that live within us.

Here’s my version of the story:

“These wolves are constantly at battle, fighting each other almost everyday,” he tells the boy in a very serious tone.

The boy seems alarmed as he imagines two actual wolves alive inside of his body, each fighting for survival.

“One wolf is fierce, but also afraid. He is wounded and confused. He is filled with fear, yet lashes out at anyone who comes too close. He is very hungry,” says the elder.

"The other wolf is fierce as well, but also strong and wise. He is very protective and uses his instincts to survive. He is also very hungry.”

Wide eyed, the boy leans forward.

“Which one wins, Grandfather?”

The elder looks calmly at the young boy and smiles.

“The one you feed.”

You’ve probably heard the saying-

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

If you haven’t, then your welcome.

Seriously, it’s something you need to remind yourself of each and every day.

Where is your attention going? What thoughts are you tending to?

When you’re in a focused state of calm and following your wise wolf-self, your energy supply can seem limitless.

If you’re placing all of your attention on the negative thoughts swirling in your head, your energy level will dip.

You’ll feel weak and depleted, even as that angry wolf stuffs his face.

So, which wolf are you feeding right now?

The one who is afraid, angry or judgmental?

The one who is wounded and doubtful?

If you’re throwing big, juicy steaks at that wolf—who is by the way, insatiable—then he will dominate your life.

Imagine if you focused on feeding and nurturing the wise strong wolf.

Now imagine teaching that wolf how to hunt on his own and feed himself.

You wouldn’t need to check in constantly or worry about his state, would you?

If you focus your thoughts and feed the part of you that is strong and is wise, it will eventually flourish on its own.

There would be no more battles, no back and forth.

That wolf inside can eat, rest, thrive and live as nature intended.

That wolf would be free.

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